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£11 Billion to Be Wiped off Budget Defecit

But is it a Sleight of Hand? The UK Treasury is to be handed the interest the Bank of England earns on Government debt it holds as a result of quantitative easing it has been announced. 

70% Of Interest Only Mortgage Holders Will Have Difficulty Repaying

Those on interest only mortgages appear to have unrealistic expectations according to ne research conducted on behalf of HML.

Barristers Forced to Diversify To Pay Mortgages and Make Ends Meet

Over the past few years increasing numbers have been leaving the profession. The criminal Bar appears the major casualty of significant failures to maintain income by simply matching inflation. This coupled with the range of incentives offered to solicitors for carrying out basic court advocacy has increased the plight.  There have been dramatic decreases in Barrister’s remuneration over the past decade and the demand for services is increasingly problematic. This is particularly so, at the junior end. As a result a young Barrister’s ability to both obtain and service finance is increasingly impaired.

London Rents Suffer Q3 Downturn

New research just produced by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) shows the number of fresh tenancy agreements being completed in Q3 has dropped year on year. The end of the summer period is always a busy time for new tenancies as potential letting applicants take advantage of the hot weather and longer evenings to undertake property searches.

Only 1 in 20 Now Get Online Mortgage Loan

New Research just released from the technology group, Avelo indicates that despite the development of the Internet,  just over 1 in 20 mortgages are being sold direct on the Internet. The research also confirmed  that only 15% were conducted direct over the telephone. 

Women to Suffer 15% Increased Costs on Critical Illness Insurance from 21 December 2012

On 21 December 2012, the European Union’s Gender Directive comes into force which whilst aimed at equalising the premiums paid by both men and women for insurance is highly predicted to increase costs across the board.

Win £1,000 – Help Find Santa This Christmas @capitalfortune

Win £1,000 in this year’s Capital Fortune Christmas Charity Free Prize Draw Competition.

Expat Mortgages for HMO's and Unusual Properties Increase

Expat Mortgages have been few and far between since the credit crunch hit way back in 2007. Fortunately, there are a few lenders slowly moving back into the expat mortgage market place.

Funding For Lending – is it helping First Time Buyers?

The governments funding for lending scheme seems to be having an effect as lenders rush to offer the lowest mortgage rates and a price war gets underway – but only if you have a big deposit.

UK Homeowners in Negative Equity Finally Improving

Research by the Council of Mortgage Lenders released today provides a strong indication on the current state of negative equity faced by householders across the nation. The research carried out across seven million property mortgages, looked at the amounts outstanding between the first quarter of 2011 and first quarter of 2012.

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