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Free Stamp Duty With the TSB ?

Created on 18 January 2014.

There is good news being reported that TSB is offering to pay the stamp duty for mortgage customers purchasing a home up to £250,000. TSB research shows 40,000 homebuyers spent £70m in stamp duty in January ...

Fall in First Time Buyers Caused by Rent Trap

Created on 31 January 2013.

The low numbers of first time buyers in the current market is ‘cause for concern’, according to Nationwide. Concerns have been raised as the building society report there were only 20,000 first time buyers ...

Is Britain On Course To Triple-Dip Recession?

Created on 28 January 2013.

The UK economy shrunk by 0.3% over the final quarter of the year, according to the latest numbers published by The Office for National Statistics (ONS). The following figures are worse than the  0.1% ...

Stagnant Second Stepper Market Scuppers First Time Buyers

Created on 14 January 2013.

Home owners looking to move up the housing market are feeling the brunt of the relatively flat market in 2012, according to the findings of the Home Movers Review by Lloyds TSB.

Mortgage Funds Rise as Prices Decline

Created on 04 January 2013.

The Bank of England revealed that lending has picked up in the last quarter of 2012 and it should continue into the months of 2013.

Housing Market is on the way up, but will take 5 years

Created on 07 December 2012.

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement announced the government’s expectation that the period of austerity will continue until 2017/18. A recent report by The Legal and General Mortgage Club and the think tank ...

Building Societies Offering Better Interest Rates Than Banks

Created on 23 June 2016. Posted in Live News

... opting for the average two-year fixed rate at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) would be £521.28 worse off in terms of repayments in the first year if they opted for a bank deal instead of a mortgage from a building ...

First Time Buyer Purchases hits 2 year high

Created on 10 June 2016. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to report new research indicating that First Time buyers are at the highest on record for almost 2 years. First Time buyers have found it difficult to get onto the property ladder, given ...

The shifting rules of buy to let

Created on 18 August 2015. Posted in Live News

... as a more popular for the first time in the last year, according to Government data. As British hosing becomes more expensive, more young people are renting for longer as they save for purchases. In ...

Mortgage market bounces back in April

Created on 23 June 2015. Posted in Live News

... for many first-time buyers unable to raise the giant deposits needed? Maybe homeowners have a sense there is a bubble and are sitting tight. Whatever the reason was earlier this year and towards the ...

Five key ways a Tory election win affects your mortgage planning

Created on 29 May 2015. Posted in Live News

...  So what does it mean? Firstly, it saw the pound strengthen significantly after the election. That is great news for any expat who owns property in the UK as the value of that home is worth more. If ...

London house prices set to fall 3.6% this year

Created on 27 May 2015. Posted in Live News

... London for the first time in years, according to a new survey. Since the financial crash London house prices have boomed significantly and left the rest of the country in its wake. The combination ...

How the Budget can help you save for a mortgage

Created on 22 May 2015. Posted in Live News

Last month’s Budget had a number of important changes to savings policy in this country that could help improve you’re financial planning. If you are a first-time buyer then there was a specific policy ...

Will the general election affect my mortgage?

Created on 06 May 2015. Posted in Live News

... of the next Government.  Indeed there is much more concern with ballooning prices among Labour and access to homes for first-time buyers. In certain areas the party has said it wants to restrict ...

Labour plans to cut stamp duty for first-time buyers

Created on 01 May 2015. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to see more reform of stamp duty in the plans of politicians ahead of the general election. Labour is promising to abolish stamp duty on homes worth less than £300,000 for the first three ...

Could you pay capital gains tax on your first property?

Created on 17 March 2015. Posted in Live News

... in expensive areas. The Government has already shown its willingness to cat by charging capital gains tax on the first homes of foreign buyers for the first time last year. Could it be ready to act ...

Government Offer 20% Discount to All First-time buyers

Created on 01 March 2015. Posted in Live News

The Government's plans to offer a 20% discount to all first time buyers launched this weekend allowing first time buyers in England, under the age of 40 to register to buy new homes for 80% of the market ...

Is Help to Buy Causing a Housing Bubble?

Created on 05 May 2014. Posted in Live News

... primary aim is to aid people in buying their first homes and raising the right deposits. The scheme is split into two parts. The Scheme - Part 1 Firstly, Help to Buy 1 is available on new-build homes ...

Govt Considers New Stamp Duty Band at £250K

Created on 24 March 2014. Posted in Live News

... stamp duty needs major reform to end the slab structure and become an easier tax to pay. In London it is a tax on first-time buyers and can cost almost as much as the deposit needed. It is a major ...

Is Prime London Property Now An Investment Arm of the Super-Rich?

Created on 12 February 2014. Posted in Live News

... Gains Tax on foreign buyers of residential property for the first time. The tax rise only raises around £100m a year but the symbolism could be more costly. Foreign buyer crackdown Civitas wants ...