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Banks Get Moving With Government Lending Schemes

Created on 07 September 2013.

We are pleased to reveal the Government’s flagship scheme to boost lending has finally started to have a major impact with net lending to homeowners and businesses in the second quarter of 2013 growing ...

House Price Affordability for Keyworkers Improving

Created on 18 May 2013.

The ability of key public sector workers to purchase their own home continues to improve and is approaching the level achieved 10 years ago before the house price boom Halifax research shows.

Pressure to make sales remains underlying culture of banking

Created on 07 December 2012.

An investigation by the consumer organisation Which? has found evidence suggesting that bank staff are still under pressure to sell financial products, despite rules restricting the requirements necessary ...

My Husband is Younger But We Need Both Our Incomes

Created on 14 January 2018. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi there,  I am enquiring as to what age your mortgage applications go to please? My husband is considerably younger than me but I would like if possible to have my income included on any application ...

Expat in Hong Kong Wanting Mortgage

Created on 19 September 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi, I am a UK citizen but live and work in Hong Kong and I am considering a UK mortgage,this is really at the very earliest stage and I would appreciate some general advice as to the best way forward. ...

Foreign currency ex pat mortgage rules from next month

Created on 11 February 2016. Posted in Live News

... the lender selects to distribute their products through) to provide much more information about the impact foreign exchange rates can have on mortgages when borrowers take out the loan. On the face of ...

Expats, Mortgages and Foreign Currency

Created on 07 October 2015. Posted in Live News

... Group and could prove devastating for expats earning their wages in foreign currencies. All banks are putting the blame on tough new EU mortgage rules set to come into force next April, particularly ...

The return of bonus income mortgages?

Created on 30 September 2015. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to see the return of flexibility to mortgages after years of rigid processes after the financial crash. Since April last year, lenders have been dealing with the fallout from the biggest ...

Getting a mortgage in the military

Created on 23 September 2015. Posted in Live News

We understand the difficulties in working in the military, often overseas and then trying to get a mortgage back home. The fact is that many lenders processes are not set up to deal with armed forces ...

The shifting rules of buy to let

Created on 18 August 2015. Posted in Live News

... months – when the house lays empty without a tenant. We have also watched as buy-to-let mortgage lending has grown substantially with more lenders, more competition and more landlord demand. Lenders ...

Expat landlords shrug off Budget changes

Created on 30 July 2015. Posted in Live News

... be constantly changing. It is a complex area and it is strongly suggested you seek specialist advice from us or a specialist expat broker before diving into currency speculation combined with mortgage ...

How can I get a second home mortgage?

Created on 24 June 2015. Posted in Live News

... most people don’t realise that getting a second home mortgage is not the same and a much trickier process than your first. How to get a second home mortgage Owning a second home can be a great lifestyle ...

What happens to my mortgage when I get divorced?

Created on 24 June 2015. Posted in Live News

  The two biggest reasons that people are cannot afford to pay their mortgage are unemployment and divorce.   Losing your job is an obvious one. If you stop getting the monthly salary that ...

What would a Brexit mean expat mortgage borrowers?

Created on 10 June 2015. Posted in Live News

... matters how it will impact on their biggest monthly outlay of a mortgage and most probably their biggest asset in the UK. So let’s look at what a so-called Brexit could mean for mortgage borrowers? In ...

Older borrowers win victory in landmark mortgage case

Created on 03 June 2015. Posted in Live News

We are delighted to see mortgage lenders being forced to change their lending criteria when discriminating on age. In recent years a number of lenders have started to cut back on lending into retirement ...

Nationwide axes foreign currency mortgages

Created on 25 May 2015. Posted in Live News

We are very concerned to learn that Nationwide Building Society is no longer offering new mortgage loans to individuals with income paid in foreign currency. The shift came into force on April 8 and ...

How the Budget can help you save for a mortgage

Created on 22 May 2015. Posted in Live News

... boost. Anyone who earned £1,000 interest on cash would have been taxed £200 before the Budget. We think that is positive news for mortgage holders who are looking to move up a rung on the housing ladder ...

Pensioners enjoying Govt rewards should think about mortgages

Created on 10 March 2015. Posted in Live News

... 55% charge. This is a big shift. From April millions of savers over 55 will have access to large opts of money that they did not have before. It could have major implications for the mortgage and ...

Millions Overpaying on Mortgages -The Cost of Complacency?

Created on 01 February 2015. Posted in Live News

New research by Capital Fortune indicates that millions of borrowers may be overpaying on their current standard variable mortgages due to complacency. In light of the numerous deals now available, Rob ...

The challenges on taking out a UK mortgage as an expat

Created on 20 January 2015. Posted in Live News

... of individuals find themselves in every year and it can be tough. Most people would expect a simple solution to converting their mortgage to buy to let when you’re abroad but it can be a minefield. We ...