Buildings Insurance Brokers

Building Insurance Brokers

Buildings Insurance Brokers - Buildings insurance brokers such as Capital Fortune can help you to secure the most suitable and affordable buildings insurance. When purchasing a property, Buildings insurance is the only compulsory insurance required by UK home mortgage lenders. Despite Buildings insurance being compulsory, some insurers consider a property’s location and surroundings before offering a particular policy.

There are a range of buildings insurance products on the market and the cost of cover is dependent on which insurance policy you choose to take out. It is essential to verify exactly what each policy covers. For example, certain buildings insurance policies may cover pipes and windows, whereas others may charge more to include these. Capital Fortune buildings insurance brokers will take you through all the terms and conditions of a policy and discuss the option of additional extras with you. Some of these additional include legal cover, accidental damage and property owner’s liability.

The use of buildings insurance brokers can ease the stress of finding the right policy. Our advisers at Capital Fortune are impartial and are not tied to any one insurer. We will ensure that we place you on the most suitable buildings insurance package to your needs.

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