Loan to Value Mortgages

Loan to Value Mortgages

Loan to Value Mortgages – Loan to value mortgages are mortgages with a specified loan to value ratio. Loan to value mortgages will vary from package to package yet typically, the lower the loan required, the most cost effective the package obtained will be. For example, 60% loan to value mortgages are likely to have a more affordable rate than 80% loan to value mortgages. At Capital Fortune, we can arrange loan to value mortgages which suit each client’s individual needs and requirements. We are not tied to any one lender of loan to value mortgages and put you, the client, first.

Capital Fortune loan to value mortgages team are experts in placing our clients with the right lender at the right rate and importantly at the right time. We have the knowledge and expertise required to find the loan to value mortgage solution which suits your needs and requirements best. We have a dedicated team who will take you through a detailed fact find to ascertain your financial circumstances, before speedily advising clients which provider of loan to value mortgages would best suit them. We will assist in completing all application documentation to ensure a smooth transaction process, saving you time, money and hassle.

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