60% Mortgages

60% Mortgages

60% Mortgages - 60% mortgages are mortgages which provide 60% of the value of a property. 60% mortgages are offered in most market conditions as they offer a relatively low loan to value ratio. Houses with 60% mortgages are unlikely to go into negative equity unless they are highly overvalued or damaged, making 60% mortgages less risky for lenders. As a result, rates on 60% mortgages are usually lower than those for properties with a higher loan to value ratio.

There are generally a range of 60% mortgages on the market, with widely varying terms and conditions. Apart from the headline rate, products may differ in the fees charged and costs associated with the mortgage. In addition, 60% mortgages may be on tracker, capped, fixed or variable rates. 

Due to the wide range of 60% mortgages and borrowers’ needs, matching the right client to the right product is our priority.

At Capital Fortune, we have the market knowledge and expertise to ascertain the best 60% mortgages for your particular circumstances. We offer tailor made advice, ensuring that the 60% mortgages we recommend are the most suitable and affordable for your needs. 

As a comprehensive panel of lenders mortgage broker, we are not tied to any one lender of 60% mortgages and put our clients’ needs first.  

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