5 Year Tracker Mortgages

5 Year Tracker Mortgages

5 Year Tracker Mortgages - 5 year tracker mortgages are available from many lenders. 5 year tracker mortgages follow the movement of the Bank of England base rate for a period of five years. The interest rate on a tracker mortgage is usually a specified percentage above the bank of England's base rate. An advantage of having a tracker rate mortgage is that it may be slightly less volatile than a variable rate mortgage and it may also maintain a lower rate than a fixed rate mortgage (subject to the Bank of England's rate movements). Some 5 year tracker mortgages may be capped, which can offer the opportunity to benefit from fluctuations in the Bank of England rate without too much exposure to risk.

At Capital Fortune, we have many years of experience with 5 year tracker mortgages. We look beyond the advertised rates and work closely with lenders and our clients to ascertain which 5 year tracker mortgages are best suited to our clients' needs. As there are a range of 5 year tracker mortgages on the market, for an individual to effectively search the market, it may be difficult to secure the best possible deal. We use our market knowledge to save our clients time and hassle, while maximising the chances of a successful application.

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