Flexible Tracker Mortgages

Flexible Tracker Mortgages

Flexible Tracker Mortgages - Flexible tracker mortgages are mortgages on flexible terms that track the Bank of England’s base rate with a constant differential. Borrowers on flexible tracker mortgages are susceptible to fluctuating mortgage payments, as they change whenever market conditions change. However, flexible tracker mortgages can be particularly beneficial when base rates fall. This is because mortgage interest rates will also fall leaving borrowers with lower monthly mortgage payments.

Flexible tracker mortgages also enable borrowers to make mortgage overpayments. As such borrowers wishing to take advantage of falling interest rates can pay more of their mortgages off without incurring any early repayment charges. In addition when mortgage payments become unaffordable to borrowers, either due to rising interest rates or a change in personal circumstances, some flexible tracker mortgages providers allow borrowers to make smaller payments or in some cases offer payment holidays. 

Flexible tracker mortgages exist under varying terms and conditions. Some lenders have over payment limits or require borrowers not to have missed a number of payments in the past. Careful consideration needs to taken to ensure the flexible tracker mortgages package obtained is the most suitable for your needs and requirements.

If you require assistance in securing flexible tracker mortgages, our advisers at Capital Fortune can assist you. We will thoroughly assess you situation to ascertain your needs. Based on this, we will use our comprehensive panel approach to source competitive flexible tracker mortgages. Our advisers view all packages holistically to ensure the deal we recommend is the overall most cost effective solution for you.

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