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Loan to Value Remortgages

Loan to Value Remortgages - Loan to value remortgages are remortgages where the amount borrowed is expressed as a percentage of the value of the property. Remortgage lenders normally calculate the loan to value ratio before deciding whether or not to lend. With high loan to value remortgages, the money lent is high compared to the deposit and equity in the property. This can make it difficult to secure a remortgage as lenders sometimes view borrowers with less equity in their homes as risky investments. However some lenders may provide high loan to value remortgages provided borrowers purchase mortgage insurance.

Borrowers willing to provide bigger deposits are more likely to secure low loan to value remortgages. This is because by owning a significant share in the equity of your home, lenders may be exposed to lower risks. With more lenders willing to offer low loan to value remortgages, borrowers can access a wider range of competitive deals. However, navigating through the various packages to find the most suitable remortgage can be time consuming and complex. This is where we can assist.

Our advisers at Capital Fortune have years of experience in securing the best loan to value remortgages deals for our clients. We use our comprehensive panel approach to find the most competitive deals which are normally not available on the high street. Our remortgage brokers have established strong relationships with a number of lenders leaving us in a position to negotiate better deals for our clients. Our loan to value remortgages team put our clients first and will only recommend a mortgage they believe is cost effective for you.

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