Builder Deposit Mortgages

Builder Deposit Mortgages

Builder Deposit Mortgages - Builder deposit mortgages are mortgages where the builder of a new build property contributes towards the mortgage deposit. This is particularly useful for first time buyers, who may struggle to find the necessary deposit without a builder deposit. Mortgages providers are also offering lower loan to value ratios since the credit crunch, making builder deposit mortgages even more attractive to purchasers. However, borrowers will often have to contribute at least a 5% deposit themselves towards a builder deposit mortgage.

Rules introduced since the credit crunch now require that builders disclose any incentives. This may make it more difficult to utilise the builder deposit as effectively, as some lenders will subtract the value of any incentives from the size of mortgage they are willing to offer. It is therefore vital to apply for a builder deposit mortgage from a lender who will allow you to make maximum use of this.

At Capital Fortune, we specialise in matching the right client to the right mortgage from the right lender. As a comprehensive panel of lenders mortgage broker, we use our knowledge and expertise to identify which lender can offer you the builder deposit mortgage that best suits your needs and requirements. We take the time and hassle out of finding builder deposit mortgages and save you contacting various lenders’ to ascertain whether they accept builder deposits.

Our bespoke advice ensures that you apply for a builder deposit mortgage that is suitable and affordable for you.

Call our mortgage broker team now on 020 77 100 400 or complete the Mortgage Enquiry Online. As part of our service, we will call you back.

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