Landlord Deposit Mortgages

Landlord Deposit Mortgages

Landlord Deposit Mortgages - or mortgages with a landlord’s deposit are often sought by purchasers who can obtain financial assistance with their mortgage deposit from their current landlord if purchasing their existing residential property.

A number of lenders will accept a landlord’s deposit which can then be used towards the deposit for the mortgage. A mortgage with a landlord’s deposit is assistance given by the landlord as a discount to the true market property price. The lender will still usually require some form of a deposit from you, and typically this can be as much as 5-10%

Mortgage lenders are however, reluctant to offer mortgages with a landlord’s deposit or landlord’s gift on the basis that the purchase price may not accurately reflect the true market value.  Such transactions are therefore slightly more complex than mainstream mortgages and your solicitor and mortgage lender will need to be fully appraised of the source of the deposit monies and appropriate real market value.

Capital  Fortune specialises in obtaining the most suitable and affordable landlord’s deposit  mortgages for our clients. We particularly work with purchasers who would not be able to purchase without such gifts and work closely with sellers, lenders and solicitors to ensure a smooth, clear and transparent transaction.

We are fully aware, that landlord’s deposit s and landlord’s gifts contribute significantly to homeowners ability to purchase a property and landlord’s deposits are particularly important to first time buyers seeking assistance to get a foot on the property ladder.

Landlord’s deposit Finance – Mortgages with a landlord’s deposit 

Purchasing a property with landlord’s deposit finance is an important purchasing decision and there are a number of mortgages with a landlord’s deposit available.  A landlord’s deposit purchase can be undertaken using a variety of mortgages and some mortgage lenders have developed specific landlord’s deposit  products and finance to assist with the purchasing process.

It is not commonly known that certain lenders will allow you to purchase with a landlord’s deposit  through

• A landlord’s deposit  residential mortgage
• A landlord’s deposit  Buy to Let mortgage
• A landlord’s deposit  Secured Loan
• A landlord’s deposit  Interest Only Loan

It is important to obtain a landlord’s deposit mortgage or loan that will suit you best. There are a number of products some of which can be seen through our online mortgage service. However, landlord’s deposit mortgages may not necessarily be the most suitable or affordable way to finance your purchase.

It is important to seek professional and impartial information from a suitably qualified adviser and we would be happy to take you through the many options. We can only recommend a landlord’s deposit mortgage be it on a residential or buy let basis once we have assessed your full needs and requirements.  We will both need to be satisfied during the purchase process that the financial commitment which a mortgage brings, is both affordable and suitable.

Specialist Finance Advice

At Capital  Fortune we are specialists in giving impartial mortgage advice. We understand your requirements when obtaining mortgages with a landlord’s deposit, we also understand the pitfalls.

We will be able to discuss with you all the reasons for purchasing with a landlord’s deposit and give you advice on the most suitable and affordable finance options for the purchase.

We are able to place these properties with UK mortgage lenders but often these types of application require a significant degree of liaison with the lenders, solicitors and the valuers.

At Capital  Fortune, we work with a number of lenders willing to offer landlord’s deposit mortgages.

To discuss landlord’s deposit mortgages call us today on 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

Note that a gift/incentive is only acceptable if there are no conditions, which require the the return of all or part of the gift/incentive at any point in the future. 

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