Vendor Funded Deposit

Vendor Funded Deposit

Vendor Funded Deposit – Vendor funded deposit refers to instances in which the seller of a property funds the deposit of their property, on behalf of the buyer. The primary advantage of a vendor funded deposit is that it encourages buyers to purchase the property. Also, the use of a vendor funded deposit encourages those without the equity requirements for larger loan-to-value (LTV) ratio mortgages available to them to capital raise. Using a vendor funded deposit can be especially important for first time buyers who may struggle to raise enough cash for a deposit, especially when there are fewer high LTV ratio mortgages available. 

However, there may be instances in which lenders do not recognise a vendor funded deposit as lower than the valuation price. In these cases, lenders may recognise the reduced price from the vendor as the final valuation price, rather than a higher price with the deposit paid. Generally, a vendor funded deposit can be no larger than 5% of the value of the property, so may need to be used in conjunction with a cash deposit by the borrower, in circumstances where a vendor funded deposit is accepted by a lender.

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