Joint Tenants Mortgages

Joint Tenants Mortgages

Joint Tenants Mortgages – Joint tenants mortgages are mortgages available to those wishing to own a property between two or more individuals. In the case of joint tenancies, all parties have identical interests in the property. In the event of one party’s death, ownership of the property transfers completely and equally to all remaining parties who are part of the joint tenancy, not requiring the use of a will or other property transfer method. Joint tenants mortgages are taken out in most cases by couples who live together and are looking to buy a property, but are unmarried. Joint tenancies differ slightly from ‘tenants in common’ agreements, in that all parties own an equal share of the property, regardless of contributions towards the purchasing of the property by each party. It is important to make sure you plan carefully for the future before applying for joint tenants mortgages.

Having the right advice and guidance is essential when looking for any mortgage, but especially for joint tenants mortgages. Using a mortgage broker with years of experience and a professional acumen like Capital Fortune can be make-or-break in finding the right mortgage for your individual financial circumstance and needs. We carry out a detailed fact find for all our clients to gather all the relevant information before searching the market for the right mortgage deals for you. Working out whether a joint tenants mortgage is right for your situation and finding the right mortgage products from lenders that offer joint tenants mortgages can help budget effectively and help plan for the future.

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