Mortgages for Over 70s

We have years of experience helping clients aged between 60 and 90 obtain a mortgage or save money by remortgaging

Mortgages For Over 70


Mortgages For Over 70 - Our mortgage for over 70 advisory team also fully appreciate how difficult it can be for mortgages for over 70 applicants to obtain a cost effective deal individually. Realising the stresses of the UK mortgage for over 70 market, we will quickly advise you whether a UK or international bank, building society or private mortgages for over 70 lender will be most suitable for your individual needs and requirements.

Mortgages for over 70 refers to 70 year olds and those approaching retirement who seek a mortgage or remortgage for their residential or buy to let property within the UK. Huge holes in state and private pensions have made obtaining credit, particularly high levels of credit such as a mortgage, more difficult, stressful and the search can be time-consuming. To make matters worse for individual mortgages for over 70 applicants, risk averse high street banks and building societies are increasingly rejecting or offering unsuitable resolutions for applications.

However, there are certain mortgages for over 70 lenders who can provide suitable and affordable packages for you.

We can secure you a mortgage on capital and interest repayment basis – using our comprehensive panel base – where both the mortgage total and interest charged are paid down each month. This differs from an interest only mortgage, whereby the mortgage will be paid, by an ISA investment or if possible, on your pension. Interest only mortgages for over 70 applicants pay off the interest each month meaning monthly repayments are often lower than a traditional mortgage but this leaves the whole amount to be payable at the end of the term.

In addition, our advisers guarantee to fill in all the critical documentation towards your application, all within your required timeframes.

We will find you the best financial solution possible and will obtain the most affordable and suitable mortgage deal for you. Our comprehensive panel mortgages for over 70 brokers seek to find our clients the right rate with the right lender at the right time.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

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Selected Mortgages For Aged 60 to 90

A selection of some of our lenders mortgage products and rates are shown below. Contact us for a quote specific to your circumstances. Table data updated 04/04/2016.

For /
Fixed Lender
% Lender



2.64% Discount Variable 3 Years 4.79% 4.41% 3% withinh first year. £945 None

Maximum age 94 (subject to age at application)

Repayment Only

Maximum 80% LTV




1.69% Discount Variable 30/06/2018 5.95% 5.28% 1% until 30/06/2018 £199 None

Maximum age 85

Free Standard Valuation

Repayment only

Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum LTV 80%






2.99% Fixed 31/08/2020 5.95% 5.07% 3% until 31/08/2020 £999 None

Maximum age 85

Free Standard Valuation


Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum LTV 80%



2.99% Discount 5 years 5.49% 4.86% 2.5% in year 1 then 2% in year 2. Then 1.5% in 3rd year... £0 None

No max Age

Interest Only

Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum 80% LTV