Probate Mortgages

Probate Mortgages

Probate Mortgages – Probate mortgages is a specialist area of the mortgage market, concerning mortgages secured on properties in probate. In the event of a death, probate refers to the period in which a deceased person’s estate is administrated in a way that transfers ownership to other parties, according to a will or through grant of letters of administration. In some instances, probate mortgages can be complicated, as finding the deceased’s mortgage documentation, among other financial documents, can be a hard task if not done by their immediate spouse. Probate mortgages are further complicated by insurance on mortgages, especially where mortgage insurance or life insurance is inappropriate to the individual’s circumstance.

At Capital Fortune we are experts in probate mortgages. We know that dealing with finances in the event of a loved one’s death can be distressing, so we make sure we are giving complete support to all our clients throughout the application process and filling in all the required paperwork. Getting the right advice for your personal circumstance is always of importance when dealing with probate mortgages. Whether you are the descendent of a deceased individual or administrating a friend’s estate, contacting our team of experienced, professional mortgage brokers could be the best way to manage the property in a cost-effective and efficient manner, with minimum hassle.

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