Expat Mortgage for Hong Kong Resident

My name is Roby and I am living in Hong Kong. I am looking for an expat mortgage. I have a property in London and it is a mortgage free property. I would like to release some of the equity and buy a property in Manchester with the fund.

I start to receive the rental income from the property. My monthly income is £1213. I am not employed at the moment, because I would like to start the rental property business. Do you think I can get a mortgage deal? I am looking forward to hearing from you.


roby Ng

Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Roby for the enquiry.

This is a tricky one as lenders will be concered how you would pay the mortgage if the property were to be left vacant for a period of time - particularly as you mention you are not working.

Realistically, for us to be able to assist with this we would be looking for you to have at least a 12 month track record of renting the property and sufficient savings to cover void periods when the property is not rented.

If you would like to discuss with an adviser - please call +44 20 77 100 400.

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