Live in UAE - Buying Property for Sister to Live In


I live and work full time in the UAE and am a British citizen. I am looking at options to buy a property in the UK in which my sister will live for some time before I return back to the UK. I want to know what LTV and rates I would be looking at for residential mortgages. I have read online that an 80% LTV is achievable?

Greg Thomas

Ask the Specialist response:


Thanks for the enquiry.

You are right, we do have some lenders that will consider up to 80% loan to value - possibly higher if your sister was willing to go on the mortgage with you.

Indicative rates would be from 1.29% at 75% (subject to a minimum personal income of £75,000 GBP equivalent).

At 80% rates currently start from 3.84%.

Feel free to Request a Callback and one of our advisers will call you in the UAE for an initial 10 to 15 minute conversation to discuss matters further.

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