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Mortgage for British Family Returning to UK

Hi, my family and I currently live in Kenya however are looking to buy a property in the UK for when we return. I want to take advantage of the UK residential rates noting that my wife will move back and live in the new property upon completion. Is this possible? How much could we borrow and what rates would apply?

Adam Morgan

Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Adam for the enquiry.

We have helped a number of clients in this scenario previously.

It is a bit complicated as it depends on a number of factors such as the length of time you have been out of the UK and whether you have any credit history in the UK at all.

Additionally, we would need to find out what you do for a living, what currency you are paid in, and whether you would be living in the UK too or remaining in Kenya.

If the whole family is coming back - usually you would be looking at a minimum deposit of 10% and a current rate of around 2.8% with a non credit scoring lender.

The interest rate could be less subject to your exact situation and plans.

I would recommending contacting our Advisers on +44 20 77 100 400 to discuss further or Request a Callback and one of our Team will call you in Kenya.

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