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Mortgage for Turkish National in UK on Business Visa

Hi Dear, My name is Kerem and I would like to have a morgage if possible.

I am a Turkish Citizen and I have 5 years current UK Business visa.

Story: I first have entered the UK in 2005 as student, then completed MBA in UK on may 2007. After that I have worked in full time basis in UK companies on full time basis with payroll by 2010. I have NI paid tax surely on that time.

In 2010, my company sent me to Turkey to set up a Office, and wanted me to reqruit students from Turkey to UK. So after 2010 april, I based in Turkey. My company is still transfering my wages in GBP rate from UK to my Turkey “Halkbankasi” GBP account. I am receiving 6,000 GBP wages before tax. However I dont have pay roll in UK, its closed when I come to Turkey.

I am travelling to UK every 2 weeks. I am staying 6 months in UK and 6 months in Turkey mostly.

So considering
- Receiving wages from UK to Turkey in GBP rate to GBP account
- 6,000 GBP wages before tax
- Have NI, UK pay slips between 2006-2010. But after 2010 there is no payslips as I have moved to Turkey
- But stil live in UK half of the year
- Have 5 years UK Business Visa, I will re-new next month with 10 year business visa
- Turkish Citizen
- Have valid UK bills such as BARCLAYS account, electricity bill….etc. I have rented house in UK. I have UK bank account

Can I get morgage from high street banks ?


Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Kerem,

We have assisted foreign nationals resident in the UK previously and those that are moving to the UK from overseas.

There are a limited number of lenders that maybe able to consider your scenario - however we would need to find out a little more regarding how much you want to borrow, any commitments you have, age, deposit and source of deposit before we would be happy to take things forward for you.

I would certainly suggest contacting one of our advisers on 020 77 100 400 and they should be able to let you know within 10 to 15 minutes whether we can help or not.

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