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Mortgage - No Accounts - First Year Self Employed

I am self-employed in my first year of employment. I have been told by mortgage brokers that I can't be accessed for a mortgage without a full year of accounts. I receive a monthly fee from the company I work for - a de facto salary but am responsible for my own tax and NIS. Will I have to wait or are their any mortgage options for someone in my position?
Many thanks,

Manal Laginaf

Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Manal,

We have assisted clients before who do not have one year's accounts but can prove their income either with contracts, accountants letters, remittances, bank statements and so on.

It is a specialist area and would depend on a number of factors such as your profession, experience, credit status, deposit and purchase price.

I would contact one of our advisers on 020 77 100 400 and we should be able to let you know whether we can assist within 10 to 15 minutes.

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