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Mortgage with 4 CCJ's and Spouse Visa

I am looking to get a mortgage but I have about 4 CCJ's registered on my file in 2014. I mis handled my finances whilst I was at university but my credit has been good since, I keep up with my car loan, my credit card from natwest etc. I have been in my job for 11 years earning 32,913 a year. Will there be any lenders willing to borrow me for a house either buy outright or through shared ownership? what deposit would I be looking at please 5, 10 or 15 %?

Also my husband is a prison officer and has been with his company for almost 3 years, makes 28,000 a year. He has no credit issues or CCJ's but he is on a spousal visa, 2.5 years expiring in 2022. He will then get indefinite leave to remain. Can we get a joint mortgage or better to do single application


Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Jay for the enquiry.

It is a bit of a catch 22 unfortunately for you. There are some lenders that can consider 4 CCJ's from 2014 - depending on circumstances size etc. However, the lenders that typically would consider CCJ's do not tend to consider mortgage applicants who have a visa (such as a spouse visa). What makes it more difficult is that most of these lenders will insist that your husband go onto the mortgage application as he is your spouse. So even though they insist he applies with you they will not consider an application from both of you as he is on a spouse visa. Minimum deposit would be 5% to 15% dependant on the CCJ amounts.

We do work with a number of lenders that can consider spousal visas. They would typically want no CCJs on credit file. Minimum deposit would be 5%. If your CCJs were registered in 2014 they should no longer be on your credit file after 6 years i.e. 2020. This route maybe an option for you if you wish to purchase a property next year.

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