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Can I get a mortgage with new limited company trading for 8 weeks?

I have a mortgage with HSBC and I want to move home. I don't want to borrow any more money and have a 58000 deposit on a property value of 185000,so want to borrow 127000.

This is my problem. I have worked on the same contract for 12 months as a subbie but recently my Ltd company was shut down by companies House due to not sending in a self assessment and company accounts. I was under the impression that I had 15 months to submit but while on honeymoon my account was closed. Anyway I set up again a ltd company and have only been trading for 8 weeks. I have all remittances and invoices, company bank statements and personal statements.

My credit is good and I never miss any payments, and both accounts are in good credit.

I wanted to Port my mortgage but I have been told I need SA302's which I don't have please can you help.

We have found our dream property, and have £100,000 equity in our own property, which we will use as deposit and to pay fees and debts, thus making us £500 per month better off.

Kind regards
John Trish Croxton


Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks John and Trish for the enquiry.

We have worked with clients before in this situation, where there is a valid explanation as to why the previous Limited Company was closed.

We would need to approach a specialist lender for you and obtain a full background as to the previous limited company, reason for closure etc.

As long as we can establish a track record of contracting for you over the last few years, and your current contract is running for at least 3 to 6 months into the future then we maybe able to help.

I would contact us on 020 77 100 400 and speak to one of our advisers to get an indication as to mortgage rates and mortgage amounts you could be eligible for.

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