Expat In Australia Wishing To Buy In UK


I have just inherited some money in the UK. I am currently living in Australia and working here. I am considering buying a UK property to put this money to good use and potentially we could return in the future. Would this be something which could be considered?

Thanks, Craig

Ask the Specialist response:

Hello Craig,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Typically we do assist a number of clients looking to purchase a property whilst living in Australia. Currently we are in a position, circumstances permitting where they can obtain a mortgage with a 30% deposit if they have not bought a property before, or, if they have and currently have a UK mortgage with a 25% downpayment. The mortgage will be assessed on your personal affordability, as well as the monies you have recently inherited.

I would advise given your specific circumstances speaking to one of our Advisers on 0044 207 7 100 400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

Capital Fortune