Guarantor Mortgage for Student Brother

Hi, I have property (value at £380K) in U.K., and annual gross salary of £ 55K with an international organisation where I work since 2008. Can I use myself and my own property as guarantor for my younger brother's mortgage?

My brother is buying a one-bed room flat in London whilst he will be studying his PhD Degree in university, he is currently running a company registered in China.

Thank you for your help


Ask the Specialist response:

Hi Pauline

Thank you for your email.

Typically, we assist a number of clients in similar situations to you and your brother. Providing that you have the equity in your property in the UK, some of our lending partners are prepared to look at this as collateral, providing that your income combined with other debts you may have can afford the new loan as well.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to use any of your brother's income for affordability if the company is registered in China, however, if your income would support both properties and mortgages at the same time then it may be something that we can explore on your behalf.

I'd recommend speaking to one of our Advisers on 02077100400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

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