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Mortgage with a Scottish Trust Deed


Can you help/advise me please, i will go through a timeline of what has happened in the past 5 years or so to help:

I entered into a trust deed back in June 2014;
my father passed away in December 2014 leaving me our family house in his will (the home i was staying in with him);
I then notified the TD company of this as i was told to do so in the terms and conditions from them;
Upon notifying them they were very rude and even threatened evicting me due to my inheritance the house being in my name and them realizing the full amount of the funds owed to the creditors plus their fees;
I remained in the TD till it finished in June 2018 paying almost all of my original debt - never missing a payment and even raising the payment in the last 9 months of the TD ;
My lawyer finally got probate/conformation of the house to be in my name;
I received a statement of my accounts from the TD company outlining what i had to pay; they duplicated a creditor totaling to the tune of £9k - i huge mistake which they took no responsibility for;
I am now at the point where i am looking to be released from my TD;
In order to do this i need a lender to loan my the funds;
I have been advised that there are only 3 or 4 lenders in Scotland that would do this - is this correct.

Do you know or the these possible lenders and do you know of more than the 3 or 4 i am being told there is, any help on this would be much appreciated?



Ask the Specialist response:

James - many thanks for the enquiry.

This maybe one we can help with as we can look to assist clients that entered into a Scottish Trust Deed and have successfully exited the agrement.

It would be worthwhile giving us a call on 020 77 100 400 to discuss your situation with an advisor or sending an enquiry to us so that an advisor can call you back.

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