Previously Bankrupt in Northern Ireland


Do any of the lenders that you work with provide adverse lending for properties in Northern Ireland?

My wife and I declared bankruptcy in February 2014 and were discharged in February 2015. We have money for a deposit but are struggling to find a lender. Many of the companies I have spoken to will not lend to applicants in Northern Ireland. Can you help?


Ask the Specialist response:

Hi Niall,

Thanks for your enquiry.

We are able to assist clients who have previously been made bankrupt in Northern Ireland, however, as of today I feel that we would struggle to assist. 

Most lenders who lend in Northern Ireland require any bankruptcy to have been discharged for six years, however, we have successfully assisted clients in the past who have been discharged for three years. 

Providing that there are no significant mortgage market changes we may be able to assist you this time next year although if you wish to find out more, I'd recommend speaking to one of our Advisers on 02077100400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

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