Remortgage While Working in Cayman Islands

Hi there,

I need to re-mortgage my property in the UK. I live and work in the Cayman Islands and rent the house in the UK out to some tenants. Does this sound like something you can help with? Drew

Ask the Specialist response:

Hi Drew

Thanks getting in touch.

We typically assist a number of UK expats looking to purchase or remortgage property in the UK when living and working in the Cayman Islands. We work with lenders who appreciate the advantages of working in a tax haven such as the Cayman Islands, particularly assisting a number of accountants and lawyers who work within the Islands. 

It should be noted that there are fewer lenders who are able to assist being based in the Cayman Islands rather than being based in the US or European Union, however, although not spoilt for choice, it is likely that there will be no premium that is paid on the interest rate as a result.

If you just wish to obtain an indication on whether we are able to assist you, given your specific circumstances, I'd recommend speaking to one of our Advisers on 02077100400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

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