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Renting House from Uncle - Looking to Buy Share

We currently live in a rented house that is owned by my partners uncle.

If we want to buy a share of the house and have a mortgage on that share, is that something we could do? Like shared ownership.


Natalie Bonser

Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Natalie, as far as I am aware, the lenders we work with would need any "shared ownership" mortgage to be secured on a property with the remaining share of the property owned by a Housing Association.

This doesn't necessarily mean we couldnt help.

There may be other alternatives that could work for you - such as a joint mortgage between all three of you with percentage ownership allocated by your solicitor as Tenants in Common. We work with a number of lenders that could consider this scenario.

I would certainly call one of our advisers on 020 77 100 400 to discuss further. They should be able to let you know whether we could assist within about 10 to 15 minutes.

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