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Right to Buy of Council Flat

I’m currently looking to buy my council flat under the right to buy scheme , but I am at present on income based benefit
I do have some savings and I’m willing to pay 5% deposit

Stephen Bill

Ask the Specialist response:

Thanks Stephen for the enquiry.

We do typically help lots of clients with Right to Buy mortgages on Council Houses and Council Flats.

Some of the lenders we work with will be happy to consider Benefit Income to support the mortgage payments also.

Additionally, we do work with some lenders that will consider adding a "guarantor" to the mortgage as extra security.

Another issue our clients usually face with the purchase of an ex-local authority flat under the Right to Buy scheme, is that if the property is in a high rise building and/or has deck access then that could be an issue for quite a few lenders.

I would recommend calling us on 020 77 100 400 and we should be able to let you know within 10 to 15 minutes whether we could assist further.

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