Divorcing Solicitors Squander Money on Own Divorce

The Daily Mail online recently reported that two divorcing solicitors lost a fortune on legal fees, fighting over their £3.2m home. The former husband and wife returned to court recently following the expensive separation, this time to argue over maintenance payments.

The 5 year protracted Court proceedings have forced the couple to sell their Kingston Upon Thames home and the judge has critisised the parties for “wrecking the ship of their marriage”.

Despite both parties being practising lawyers, the couple ‘spent almost all their assets in litigation’ during a series of drawn out court battles. They recently returned to Court last month, when a different judge further claimed they had ‘tragically’ spent their fortune on lawyers. It is reported the couple have no more than £90,000 left to fight over.

This will provide little by way of deposit if they are looking for a divorce mortgage.