NONYs just want to have fun

UK citizens classed as 'neither old nor young' (NONY), appear in no hurry to settle down according to Bright Grey's Generation Now report. The need for  independence seems low on the agenda for at least 5 million 25-40 year olds who  class themselves as financially dependent.

The new research, which refers to this particular age group as NONYs (people that are 'neither old nor young' aged 25-40) examined the priorities in adult life. It found that 32% of this age group don't consider themselves to be financially independent, with one in ten (11%) saying they still live at home with their parents.

A quarter (25%) of NONYs said their attitude is 'live for the day'. Jacqui Gillies, head of marketing at Bright Grey, said: "Times have changed and with this, priorities for different generations have shifted. In the past people were encouraged to settle down and build a secure financial foundation before starting a family. However, many people - the NONYs - have adopted a 'live for the day' approach to life and are concentrating on immediate concerns rather than looking to the future.

For a number of 25-40 year olds, traditional milestones are proving elusive. Significant numbers have set goals of getting married (21%), starting a family (23%) and getting on the housing ladder with a first time buyer mortgage (29%), but haven't as yet achieved this.