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Holiday Let Mortgages – The Potential Tax Advantages?

The purchase of a holiday let home through holiday let mortgages can potentially provide a significant amount of potential tax advantages. In order to claim available reliefs it is important for any potential purchaser to distinguish between, whether the holiday let purchase is part of a general investment portfolio or whether it is purchased with the view to trading in the holiday let business.

Commercial Buildings Insurance – Cost Versus Cover?

In the middle of a credit crunch, the majority of UK businesses are rightly looking to cut costs. Negotiations regularly take place with telephony suppliers, printers, IT support, accountants, product providers, the list can go on. It is no wonder that within this list, the insurance supplier, particularly with commercial buildings insurance is asked to re-look at the initial cost agreed and provide further competitive quotations.

House sales in Scotland up 21 per cent in July

House sales in Scotland increased by 21 per cent between June and July, boosted by increased lending to new buyers. The latest House Price Index from LSL/Acadametrics Scotland indicates that increased activity from new buyers including those looking for a mortgage for a second home has helped to keep house prices broadly flat.

Lenders relax criteria with 95% mortgages blooming

Moneyfacts is reporting a boost in high LTV loans with five in the 95 percent mortgages LTV tier, all of which were fixed rate products.

Barrister Mortgages – Reliant on Income They Can’t Enforce?

Barrister mortgages are no longer a specific mortgage product but are a generic term used for standard mainstream mortgages offered by a number of lenders.

The Impact of credit reporting on ex-pat mortgages

Whether you have relocated to Australia or Africa with the whole family and are now outside the UK, it is likely that you will need an ex-pat mortgage.

Difficulties of getting mortgages for over 70s

Due to the current financial climate lenders have been tightening up on lending criteria and maximum age is no exception. The first frustration of individuals looking to obtain mortgages for over 70s are that the majority of high street lenders will simply not consider lending to those in that age bracket. 

Parents pay the price for school catchment areas

Parents pay almost £34,000 extra to buy a home close to the country's top performing state schools according to new research by one of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders, Lloyds TSB.

Junior Bar Face Increasing Difficulty Getting Barrister Mortgages

With only 12,000 self employed Barristers in the UK, the statistical chance of success to become a barrister is very small. There is growing criticism of law schools taking tens of thousands of pounds from would be barristers, when their chances of pupillage, let alone tenancy is now minimal. With huge debt in the background, new tenants can face enormous difficulty obtaining Barrister Mortgages given that their existing debts must be factored in to their financial commitments, when it comes to borrowing for their first home.

Mortgage for Extensions – An Answer to Moving?

With the recent news of house inflation, a credit crunch and restricted lending, it is little wonder that more people are looking to stay at their current property for longer and develop what they already own. Finance can be raised by way of a mortgage for extensions, which is basically an additional credit facility topping up an existing mortgage, used for the purposes of home improvements.

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