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Live in UAE - Buying Property for Sister to Live In


I live and work full time in the UAE and am a British citizen. I am looking at options to buy a property in the UK in which my sister will live for some time before I return back to the UK. I want to know what LTV and rates I would be looking at for residential mortgages. I have read online that an 80% LTV is achievable?

Greg Thomas

Mortgage for US Citizens on Tier 2 Visas

My wife and I are American and have lived in London for 6 years. We want to buy here now. We have a tier 2 visa with my wife as the primary visa holder and I am her dependent. We will get indefinite leave to remain in 1 year.

The flat we want to buy is listed at £825,000. We can put £200,000 down payment. My wife owns a property in Midtown Manhattan worth approximately $1.4m. She currently receives $3650 monthly rent from her tenant. The annual building fees and taxes totals $15,000 per year, so the pre-tax annual income is about $28,000 per year.

My wife would not be on the property title / mortgage because we want to save on Stamp Duty and I am the only eligible first time buyer. Please correct me if I am wrong about that.

I am a Partner in a LLC with total annual income of £200,000. I have been a Partner at this firm for 15 months. The firm manages Emerging Markets debt and credit portfolios for US mutual funds and other clients with total assets under management of approximately $1 billion. I am a Portfolio Manager for these investments. My annual income is salary/draw and bonus.

My wife works for a PR agency and earns £36,000 per year plus £2,000 bonus.

Is is possible for us to borrow the necessary £625,000 to buy the flat we want?


John Eggleston

Remortgage a Buy to Let to Buy Another Buy to Let

We are looking at remortgaging a Buy-to-Let property in Great Shelford, Cambridge valued at £280,000 (one just sold for that price next door). How much can we borrow? We would prefer a 5 year fixed if possible. Proceeds to repay existing mortgages and purchase another BTL.
Thank you.

Andrew Bullians

Mortgage for New Zealand Citizen Paid in NZ Dollar

Hi, my husband is a UK citizen and I'm a New Zealand Citizen, we would like to buy a freehold house in London around 300K, my annual income is NZ$70K. so can I get a mortgage?


Purchase of Land

Looking at a 10-20k mortgage to buy a parcel of land at auction.

Non uk resident (but born here), 10% deposit, about 20-25k New Job.

Let me know your thoughts,

David Ashley-Cowan

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