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Bank of England Base Rate currently 0.1%

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Mortgage for British Expat and Austrian National


I am a British national, resident and working in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) in Oil and Gas. My wife is an Austrian citizen and Austrian resident.

I would like to obtain an international (offshore) mortgage to buy a property in the Vienna. My deposit is substantial, and I would like access to borrowing to buy a family home. I have income statements and bank statements showing regular income for many years, plus other assets.

Is this possible with you?


Ava Saleh

Renting House from Uncle - Looking to Buy Share

We currently live in a rented house that is owned by my partners uncle.

If we want to buy a share of the house and have a mortgage on that share, is that something we could do? Like shared ownership.


Natalie Bonser

Raising Money for Home Improvements on a Mortgage Free Property

My husband and I own a £410,000 house bought last year with no mortgage. We are both self employed but earning under the tax threshold. We are looking to borrow around £45,000 for home improvements.
Is there any way we would be able to borrow the money and use the house as collateral?
I am 32 my husband is 51 so I don't think we qualify for equity release.

Lucy Cumbers

Right to Buy of Council Flat

I’m currently looking to buy my council flat under the right to buy scheme , but I am at present on income based benefit
I do have some savings and I’m willing to pay 5% deposit

Stephen Bill

Family Trust Mortgage

My children have a trust which we are buying a family home with, however it needs work and we will require a small mortgage of £50,000 to complete this work. How does the trust apply for a mortgage, two are young adults ages 21,19,15,12.
We / both their parents work and will be paying the mortgage, as potential rent.
Are there mortgages available for us.

Audrey Black

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