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Remortgages for Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation mortgage products allow borrowers to consolidate debts via a remortgage. Through securing a debt consolidation mortgage, borrowers can release equity built up in their property and use this to pay off other debts. This can give breathing space to borrowers and consolidate monthly debt payments. In addition, debt consolidation mortgages are usually at lower rates than unsecured debt.


Debt consolidation mortgage packages are usually available with a range of rate structures and at various loan-to-value ratios. To undertake debt consolidation, your mortgage must be secured with a smaller deposit than the value of your equity in the property. This may, however, affect your ability to secure competitive rates. It is also worth considering the long term cost-effectiveness of a debt consolidation mortgage, as it may lengthen the amount of time that the debt gains interest for.

Debt consolidation mortgage packages can be extremely helpful for borrowers with a range of circumstances. At Capital Fortune, we are committed to helping borrowers secure the best debt consolidation mortgage for their needs.

We offer a personalised service and carefully match the most competitive debt consolidation mortgage deals to your individual requirements. We analyse debt consolidation mortgages holistically to ensure we recommend the most suitable and affordable deal for you – beyond the headline rate.

Call our mortgage broker team now on 020 77 100 400 or complete the Mortgage Enquiry Online. As part of our service, we will call you back.

Think Carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

You will potentially pay more interest by consolidating if the loan is increased and the term is extended.

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The remarkable online feedback for Capital Fortune depicts strong story which otherwise is hard to believe until you start doing business with them. I engaged Capital Fortune for my mortgage matter and my journey throughout has been incredible. Whilst the entire organisation is extremely professional and friendly, I will like to call out special thanks to. ...Read More
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Trying to find a broker that could assist with difficult expat circumstances was proving to be a nightmare until Capital Fortune took on the case. Ajay, Stephen, and Alex were there for advice every step of the way ultimately leading ...Read More
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Peter Bartlett and Alex Fryer at Capital Fortune are a winning team!
They were exceptionally helpful and gave us real hope from the outset that we would secure a mortgage in spite of our unusual circumstances. They talked us through everything - and anytime we needed more info they were very quick ...Read More
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Excellent Service
Very professional service - can't thank Stephen or James enough for all their help in securing me a mortgage. I would fully recommend Capital Fortune to all. ...Read More
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Find out current best rates

Property Value
Mortgage Amount
Reason for Mortgage
Mortgage Type
Lender Initial Rate Type For Then APR* ERC* Fee
Progressive BS 2 Year Discount No Fee Purchase BPG1.29%Discount2 years 5%4.56%2 years £0
Halifax Intermediary FTB 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee BHX1.34%TrackerJun-20214.24%3.9%30-Jun-2021 £999
Halifax Intermediary 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Purchase BHX1.34%TrackerJun-20214.24%3.9%30-Jun-2021 £999
Leeds BS 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Legal Assisted BLH1.38%TrackerMar-20215.69%4.8%31-Mar-2021 £999
Leeds BS 2 Year Discount £999 Fee Legal Assisted BLH1.39%Discount2 years 5.69%4.8%2 years £999
Skipton BS 2 Year Tracker £995 Fee SBS1.41%Tracker2 years 4.99%4.3% £995
Halifax Intermediary FTB 2 Year Fixed £999 Fee BHX1.44%FixedJun-20214.24%3.9%30-Jun-2021 £999
Halifax Intermediary 2 Year Fixed £999 Fee Purchase BHX1.44%FixedJun-20214.24%3.9%30-Jun-2021 £999
Santander UK Plc 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Porting CAN1.44%Tracker2 years 4%3.4% £999
Accord Intermediary 2 Year Discount £1495 Fee ACC1.44%DiscountMay-20214.99%4.2% £1495
Mortgage product availability is subject to status and availability. Although great care is taken to ensure that product details are as accurate as possible no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate *ERC = Early Repayment Charge
*These figures are only illustrative. An assessment of your needs will be confirmed before a recommendation can be made. A Key Facts Illustration, which is personal to your circumstances, will be provided if a recommendation for a mortgage product is made.
Instant Decisions with No Credit Scoring

In assessing your requirements, we do not use credit scoring and we can provide an accurate estimate of the amount of borrowing and the viability of your requirements, without effecting your credit score.

We avoid credit searches at the initial stages given that numerous credit searches will impact your ability to access cheap credit. It is clear that too many credit applications in a short period of time will impact your score and whilst it is important to shop around, formal applications for a mortgage can trigger rejections, as it gives the impression you may be desperate for credit. It is essential when making enquiries for any financial product, that the Company does not credit score you, until such time as you have agreed to make a formal application.

We can indicate your chances of approval prior to any application being made and where necessary, can obtain decisions in principle from lenders who do not use credit scoring.


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Best Discounted Rates

Progressive BS 2 Year Discount No Fee Purchase BPG1.29%
then 5
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Yorkshire Building Society Direct 2 Year Discount £995 Fee Purchase YBS1.37%
then 4.99
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Leeds BS 2 Year Discount £999 Fee Legal Assisted BLH1.39%
then 5.69
DiscountRead More

Best 5 Year Fixed Rates

Halifax Intermediary FTB 2 Year Fixed £999 Fee BHX1.44%
then 4.24
FixedRead More
Halifax Intermediary 2 Year Fixed £999 Fee Purchase BHX1.44%
then 4.24
FixedRead More
Halifax Direct 2 Year Fixed £995 Fee Purchase BHX1.44%
then 4.24
FixedRead More

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