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Mortgage Difficulties or Applications Declined

I had nearly 3 years of missed mortgage payments and you still helped. I am so grateful.
Jeremy, London
Are you finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage or had a mortgage application declined? We typically assist clients with difficult or unusual situations. This can include declines due to the property type or impaired credit where there is a good explanation for historical problems such as temporary income change, moving home, or problems created by ex partners. Clients often tell us they find it difficult to understand why many lenders may not consider their individual circumstances and they want to ensure when choosing a mortgage they get it right.


The Bank said no, given the County Court Judgment, but you delivered totally
EC, Hampshire
They may have spoken to a number of brokers without success, before making contact with us.

A lot of people who contact us tell us that they have had their mortgage application declined due to personal financial circumstances, residency status or that they are looking to raise capital or remortgage on an unusual property. They typically tell us they are frustrated that the Banks can’t help them or are simply confused as to whether they can get a mortgage at all. Here at Capital Fortune we specialise in assisting clients with unusual circumstances and situations. We may be able to assist you and will be able to give you a quick indication as to whether we can help over the phone.

I don’t work, my husband is a contractor and it’s an Old Post Office. You got us a really good mortgage, Thank You.
Mrs N. Hudson, Canterbury
As a comprehensive panel of lenders broker in this area, we know our lenders and lending criteria. Importantly, we appreciate the ambiguities and difficulties in this area of UK lending and work to provide an appropriate solution. We regularly assist clients with mainstream and complex finance and we are UK specialists in arranging mortgages for clients with non standard requirements.

We have been voted the Overall Adviser of the Year for the largest UK mortgage and protection network, two years in a row and have recently won a national industry award for Excellence in Treating Customers Fairly. A number of our clients watched us on BBC TV Newsnight and supported our shortlist nomination for Best Broker Prime and Best UK Mortgage Adviser at the prestigious Money Marketing Financial Services Awards and British Mortgage Awards respectively.

There are three stages to our award winning process:

1Indicative Rate
Typically clients using the service, tell us they want to discuss their current situation and take us through any difficulties they may have. We can quickly give an indication as to the feasibility of what they are looking to do, undertake detailed research on the potential rates, confirm we can safely assist and importantly, express how we operate.
2Approval in Principle
This stage involves completing a 45 minute Mortgage Fact Find questionnaire over the phone to fully assess needs and requirements. Once complete, we undertake research across a comprehensive panel of lenders to recommend the right mortgage. A detailed illustration is provided which we will take you through. If you are happy with the illustration we will then request documents from you to support the application. On receipt of the documents we will obtain formal approval in principle from the lender.
3Full Application
We will process your full mortgage application and liaise directly with the lender on your behalf. We organise the valuation and deal with any issues that may arise during the mortgage application.

We still appreciate however, we are not right for everyone and typically we best assist clients

  • With non-standard/non-traditional requirements;
  • That are time pressed and need the most competitive and quick
  • results; or
  • That just need an independent guiding hand through the minefield of products to obtain them the most competitive deal and to assist them through all the complexities within the mortgage process.

We pride ourselves on delivering advice which is accurate, tailored to your situation and fully compliant with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines and best practice.

For help and assistance, call us today on 0207 710 0400 to speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers.

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The remarkable online feedback for Capital Fortune depicts strong story which otherwise is hard to believe until you start doing business with them. I engaged Capital Fortune for my mortgage matter and my journey throughout has been incredible. Whilst the entire organisation is extremely professional and friendly, I will like to call out special thanks to. ...Read More
Amit Parab - Buy to Let Remortgage


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Highly recommended services
I have had a great experience in using Capital Fortune's services. My dedicated advisor was James and he has been amazing every step of the way. My case was slightly more complicated than usual but James and his team handled ...Read More
John - Purchase
20 days ago

top service from Peter Bartlett, am so impressed by Peter and also Anne
100 percent! ...Read More
Louise Bryan - Remortgage
1 months, 9 hours ago

Mine has been a very difficult case - not because of Peter but due to my Solicitors - but Peter has come through with the goods - I have to thank him very much. Throughout the 12 months process Anna has ...Read More
Margaret Benting - Buy to Let Remortgage
1 months, 7 days ago

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Property Value
Mortgage Amount
Reason for Mortgage
Mortgage Type
LenderInitial RateTypeForThenAPR*ERC*Fee
Chorley BS Intermediary 2 Year Discount 0.75% Fee BCO2.05%Discount2 years5.99%5.5%2 years £750
Chorley BS Positive Lending Intermediary 2 Year Discount 0.75% Fee BCO2.05%Discount2 years5.99%5.5%2 years £750
Beverley BS Complete FS 2 Year Discount £995 Fee Purchase BBV2.07%Discount2 years5.24%4.9%2 years £995
Beverley BS 2 Year Discount £995 Fee Purchase BBV2.07%Discount2 years5.24%4.9%2 years £995
Progressive BS Northern Ireland Co-Ownership 2 Year Discount No Fee Purchase BPG2.23%Discount2 years5.99%5.41%2 years £0
Progressive BS 2 Year Discount No Fee Purchase BPG2.23%Discount2 years5.99%5.41%2 years £0
Stafford Railway BS 2 Year Discount £100 Fee SRB2.24%Discount2 years3.75%3.6%2 years £100
Progressive BS 2 Year Variable No Fee Purchase Foreign Currency Loan BPG2.33%Discount2 years5.99%5.43%2 years £0
Newbury BS 3 Year Discount £600 Fee Purchase London BNE2.34%Discount3 years4.45%4%3 years £600
Newbury BS 5 Year Discount £600 Fee Purchase London BNE2.34%Discount5 years4.45%3.7%3 years £600
Mortgage product availability is subject to status and availability. Although great care is taken to ensure that product details are as accurate as possible no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate *ERC = Early Repayment Charge
*These figures are only illustrative. An assessment of your needs will be confirmed before a recommendation can be made. A Key Facts Illustration, which is personal to your circumstances, will be provided if a recommendation for a mortgage product is made.
Instant Decisions with No Credit Scoring

In assessing your requirements, we do not use credit scoring and we can provide an accurate estimate of the amount of borrowing and the viability of your requirements, without effecting your credit score.

We avoid credit searches at the initial stages given that numerous credit searches will impact your ability to access cheap credit. It is clear that too many credit applications in a short period of time will impact your score and whilst it is important to shop around, formal applications for a mortgage can trigger rejections, as it gives the impression you may be desperate for credit. It is essential when making enquiries for any financial product, that the Company does not credit score you, until such time as you have agreed to make a formal application.

We can indicate your chances of approval prior to any application being made and where necessary, can obtain decisions in principle from lenders who do not use credit scoring.


How Much Can I Borrow?
How Much Can I Borrow?

Best Discounted Rates

Chorley BS Intermediary 2 Year Discount 0.75% Fee BCO2.05%
then 5.99
DiscountRead More
Chorley BS Positive Lending Intermediary 2 Year Discount 0.75% Fee BCO2.05%
then 5.99
DiscountRead More
Beverley BS Complete FS 2 Year Discount £995 Fee Purchase BBV2.07%
then 5.24
DiscountRead More

Best 5 Year Fixed Rates

Lloyds Bank Direct 10 Year Fixed £995 Fee Purchase CTE3.7%
then 5.74
FixedRead More
Lloyds Bank Direct 10 Year Fixed No Fee Purchase CTE3.75%
then 5.74
FixedRead More
NatWest GREEN Direct 5 Year Fixed £995 Fee Purchase CNW3.77%
then 4.99
FixedRead More

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