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Remortgages for Extensions

Capital Fortune can advise and arrange mortgages for extensions and home improvements through our panel of home improvement specialist lenders.

At Capital Fortune we can arrange specialist finance for the purpose of an extension or improvements to your home. We are also able to re-finance existing homes with recent extensions which have increased in value as a result and can secure competitive re-finance by way of remortgages.


In looking to finance or obtain a mortgage for a home improvements there are a number of mortgages and finance options available. If required, we are also able to provide specialist refurbishment, development or bridging finance for clients who require this facility.

Capital Fortune have the expertise and experience to assess the viability of your home extension and home improvements proposition. We will seek to place you with the most appropriate home extension and home improvements mortgage provider.

Our home improvements mortgage brokers have assisted numerous individuals looking to undertake home extensions and home improvements.

We will discuss your home improvements finance needs and if the proposal is viable we will package and present the proposition to our UK property lenders on your behalf.

We are confident that our contacts and relationships throughout the finance industry will increase the chances of securing appropriate mortgage finance for your home extension on the most favorable terms.

If you need any assistance, speak to one of our home extension improvements mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquiry Online.

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Property Value
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Reason for Mortgage
Mortgage Type
Lender Initial Rate Type For Then APR* ERC* Fee
Clydesdale Bank Intermediary 2 Year Discount £1449 Fee CLY0.99%DiscountSep-20204.95%4.3%2 years £1449
Monmouthshire BS 2 Year Discount £1999 Fee Purchase BMO0.99%Discount2 years 4.99%4.4%2 years £2149
Progressive BS 2 Year Discount No Fee Purchase BPG0.99%Discount2 years 4.75%4.3%2 years £0
Accord Intermediary 2 Year Discount £1495 Fee ACC1.09%DiscountSep-20204.99%4.4% £1495
Barclays Bank 2 Year Tracker £1999 Fee Purchase Wealth BWO1.19%Tracker2 years 3.99%3.6% £1999
Leeds BS 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee BLH1.19%TrackerJun-20205.69%4.8%30-Jun-2020 £999
Nationwide BS RETENTION 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Existing Borrowers Cashback BNW1.19%Tracker2 years 3.99%3.6% £999
Nationwide BS 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee BNW1.19%Tracker2 years 3.99%3.5% £999
Nationwide BS FTB 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Cashback BNW1.19%Tracker2 years 3.99%3.6% £999
Nationwide BS RETENTION 2 Year Tracker £999 Fee Existing Borrowers BiR BNW1.19%Tracker2 years 3.99%4% £999
Mortgage product availability is subject to status and availability. Although great care is taken to ensure that product details are as accurate as possible no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate *ERC = Early Repayment Charge
*These figures are only illustrative. An assessment of your needs will be confirmed before a recommendation can be made. A Key Facts Illustration, which is personal to your circumstances, will be provided if a recommendation for a mortgage product is made.