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Mortgage on Property with 68 Year Lease

hi..i apply for a mortgage to buy a property but the only reason I cant get it is because the property has 68 years left on the lease...who would be willing to give me the loan since NatWest refused


Mortgage for British Expat in Italy

I am a british citizen currently living abroad for work reasons and my stay is going to be longer than expected. I own a property in London ( currently let with break clause) which I would like to remortgage. Balance paid 21%. Are there options available?

Paolo Bargellini

Can I Get a Contractor Mortgage Out of Contract?

Hi there.
I don't think you'll be able to help (sorry for being negative, and I hope you prove me wrong!). We are selling our house and have found another to buy. The problem is that I cannot currently obtain a mortgage offer because I'm out of contract (I'm a contractor with a LTD co.) It looks like everyone needs me to have a contract stating that I work or will be working soon, plus a day rate and length of contract term. Is there a way to get a mortgage or something else without this? Cheers, Simon.


Can I Get a Mortgage in Scotland When Paid in Yen?

my daughter is uk resident. she works for chinese company in china from uk. she is paid into bank in yen then changed in bank to sterling. she pays tax in china. having problems finding a mortgage. she has made an offer on property in scotland where she lives. can you help?

elizabeth whitehead

Buy to Let Mortgage with an Unsettled CCJ?

I have a btl property and am looking to take a new btl purchase

if i have an unsettled ccj then can i still have a btl mortgage
i am disputing this so have not paid

shazna day

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