Bank of England Base Rate currently 0.1%
Bank of England Base Rate currently 0.1%

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Can I Get A Mortgage on a Flat Next to Restaurant?

i need to buy a flat whixh is next to a a3 restaurant, i have asked fleet mortgages and rejected, can you sdvise on anyone else


Mortgage for British Expat in Hong Kong

I am seeking advice on an expat mortgage in the UK. I currently work in Hong Kong the property value is 189000 and im looking to borrow 90000


Mortgage for British Family Returning to UK

Hi, my family and I currently live in Kenya however are looking to buy a property in the UK for when we return. I want to take advantage of the UK residential rates noting that my wife will move back and live in the new property upon completion. Is this possible? How much could we borrow and what rates would apply?

Adam Morgan

Can I Get a Mortgage with Lodger Income?


Do you do mortgages where the lodgers rent can be used as income to be able to borrow more money?



Mortgage for Land in Scotland

My wife and I are looking to purchase a plot in Scotland that has planning permission. We would like to secure the land whist trying to sell our current home. Would it be possible to get a mortgage on the land only?

Steven Burnett

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