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Mortgage for Dubai Worker with Family in the UK?

I am looking at taking a mortgage in the near future. We dont have a property chosen yet but we are starting to look at a few options.

My main concern is i work in Dubai and my family has recently moved back to the UK so would need a lender that understands my situation.

Also i would like to find out the amount we would be able to borrow to give us a clear idea of the market range we are looking at.

At present i am paying 850 Pounds per month rent in the UK so woul like to convert this in to paying for my own home.

Look forward to your reply

Kind Regards


Richard Colley

Mortgage 6x Salary for a Professional

Looking for a 6x salary mortgage for a repossession flat in London.
Age: 36
Salary: 35,000 starting salary (Professional)
loan for 37 years

Can you please call to discuss if this is possible.

Cara Aitken

Mortgage for Hong Kong Based Property Investor?

I am an oversea property investor from Hong Kong. I am planning to set up a limited company and invest in the property market. May I ask a few questions about the mortgage ?

1) Do you offer buy to let mortgage for oversea buyers ?
2) I will have HSBC UK personal account, can I apply the BLT mortgage without a business account of the holding company ?

Thank you very much


Can I Get a Mortgage - Italian National with Income Outside of UK?

Hi, I'm an Italian national been living in the UK for 2 yrs. Most of my income is still outside the country, but it's an income worth applying for a good mortgage: indeed I'd like to buy a family house in London, considering to spend 800 to 900k. Can you help me anyhow? Thanks so far


Can I Get a Mortgage Paid in Australian Dollars (AUD)?

Hi, just wanted to know how much of a deposit is required for a foreign income mortgage. Currently living in Australia but moving back to the UK permanently. My husband will continue to work in Australia with a AUD income. Can we buy new off the plan property?


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