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Capital Fortune are asked to help clients on a daily basis, whether it be with a new purchase, remortgage, buy to let or something more unusual.

We typically help clients with non-standard, unusual or complex situations and have created this section to allow you to ask our team of specialists any question you may have.

Feel free to browse the list of questions and responses. Please note we provide information only in response to the questions posed and not advice. If you do seek advice then feel free to speak to one of our Advisers by calling 0207 710 0400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

Ask The Specialist

Day Rate Contractor Mortgage

15th November 2019

I want to get a mortgage. I am a dayrate contractor with itech7. I also have bad credit. Can I ge...

Mortgage with a Scottish Trust Deed

15th November 2019

Hi, Can you help/advise me please, i will go through a timeline of what has happened in the past...

New Zealand Expat Buy to Let Quotes

15th November 2019

Hi, We’re looking for some quotes to move our buy to let mortgage in the UK on to a fixed buy to...

Can I get a mortgage with new limited company trading for 8 weeks?

15th November 2019

I have a mortgage with HSBC and I want to move home. I don't want to borrow any more money and ha...

Can I Get a Guarantor Mortgage with My Sister?

15th November 2019

Hi was wondering is there any student mortgages available where your sister can be your guarantor...

Mortgage for 85 Year Old

7th November 2019

I have a client who is 85 years old and he is looking to move. He has £115,000 in the bank to pur...

Can I Get a Mortgage Paid in Australian Dollars (AUD)?

15th November 2019

Hi, just wanted to know how much of a deposit is required for a foreign income mortgage. Currentl...

Mortgage for Hong Kong Based Property Investor?

15th November 2019

I am an oversea property investor from Hong Kong. I am planning to set up a limited company and i...

I am aged 60 and looking for a 25 year mortgage - what options do I have?

17th January 2018

Hello, I do wonder if you can help. My husband and I are aged 60 and need a very small mortgage...

I live and work in Australia - can I get a mortgage on my London property?

17th January 2018

Can I get a mortgage if I live and work in Australia? I have a property in London which is rent...

Can We Remortgage if Living Abroad?

17th January 2018

My family and I have recently emigrated. We own a house and are currently renting it out via an...

I am earning overseas while my wife and family live in the UK

17th January 2018

Good afternoon, I have encountered difficulty with my bank as I look to obtain a mortgage. I ha...

I'm 73 years old and am looking to extend my interest only mortgage. Can you help?

17th January 2018

Good afternoon, I'm hoping you can help. Our interest only mortgage term ends in a few months a...

My wife and I moved abroad and are now looking for a UK base for holidays - is this possible?

17th January 2018

Good morning. I've experienced significant difficulty looking for the right mortgage, as I'm lo...

Can I Get a Mortgage with a 6 Month Contract History?

17th January 2018

I am interested in a mortgage, however I just started contracting last year in August. Prior to...

Is it possible to get a mortgage given I am in the Army - posted in Germany?

17th January 2018

I am currently in the British army. We have moved around a lot including Germany. I am looking to...

Can I put my husband on a mortgage with me - he is 70 and still in full time employment and I am 50?

17th January 2018

Can I put my husband on a mortgage with me? He is 70 and still in full time employment, I am 50...

My daughter has moved into the area and her husband is working abroad for a UK company. What kind of mortgage could be offered to them?

17th January 2018

My daughter has moved into the area and her husband is working abroad for a UK company. She is...

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