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Capital Fortune are asked to help clients on a daily basis, whether it be with a new purchase, remortgage, buy to let or something more unusual.

We typically help clients with non-standard, unusual or complex situations and have created this section to allow you to ask our team of specialists any question you may have.

Feel free to browse the list of questions and responses. Please note we provide information only in response to the questions posed and not advice. If you do seek advice then feel free to speak to one of our Advisers by calling 0207 710 0400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

All answers provided were correct at the time of posting.

Ask The Specialist

Mortgage with a Vendor Gifted Deposit

17th January 2018

Hello, Could you assist ne with a vendor gifted deposit? The sale hasn't been agreed but i may...

Mortgage When Paid in Chinese Currency

17th January 2018

Hi, I am living in the UK and having two incomes, one is in Sterling from a UK company, other i...

Next Time Buyer With High Unsecured Debts

23rd April 2018

Hi, I have a home which is shared ownership and I own 40%. The sold price is £240,000 and there...

Expat in Singapore

17th January 2018

Hi, I am living In Singapore and need mortgage in UK for UK property. Is this something that yo...

Expat in Malaysia Buying New Build Flat

17th January 2018

Hi, Do you provide any buy-to-let mortgages that are based solely on rental income rather than...

Mortgage for Concrete Flat

17th January 2018

Hi, we have been trying to buy our flat but have had difficulty finding a lender as our buildin...

Expat Returned from Australia

17th January 2018

Hi, I have just returned from 7 years in Australia (returned Nov 2016). We are currently...

Previously Bankrupt in Northern Ireland

17th January 2018

Hi, Do any of the lenders that you work with provide adverse lending for properties in Northern...

Need to Move from Consent to Lease

17th January 2018

Hi, I currently have a mortgage with Bank of Scotland on a consent to lease basis. I need to mo...

Residential Mortgage Having Completed an IVA

17th January 2018

Hi, I have a buy to let mortgage and we are looking to re-mortgage to a residential mortgage to...

Property Currently Owned By BVI Company

17th January 2018

Hi, I am a self employed property professional. My main residence was purchased via BVI company...

100% Deposit Mortgage

17th January 2018

Hi, I have very good credit, but just go out of a expensive separation, I'm renting, would like...

Expat In Australia Wishing To Buy In UK

17th January 2018

Hello, I have just inherited some money in the UK. I am currently living in Australia and worki...

Purchasing a Property Renting Outbuildings

17th January 2018

Hi, We are in the process of purchasing a house that has a summer house at the bottom of the ga...

Mortgage With 6 Late Payments

17th January 2018

Hi, I need a mortgage of about £110,000. I work and have a deposit, however, I fear banks will...

Remortgage While Working in Cayman Islands

17th January 2018

Hi there, I need to re-mortgage my property in the UK. I live and work in the Cayman Islands an...

Poor Credit During Divorce

17th January 2018

Hi, I have poor credit. I currently have a house worth £350,000 with circa £200,000 equity and...

Guarantor Mortgage for Student Brother

17th January 2018

Hi, I have property (value at £380K) in U.K., and annual gross salary of £ 55K with an internatio...

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